Quick dress upcycle project

I bought this dress in H &M in the summer and have never worn it, I liked the pattern on black background but it was too baggy and ‘swing dress’-y for my liking (ie made me look like I ate all the pies!!!)

I was going to shave a load off each side with my overlocker to try and resize it but despite lots of pinning and fitting couldn’t get it to look right as a dress. So I decided to turn it into a vest!!

I started by tracing round a vest I already own and like the shape and length of:

Then it got the chop!!

A few whizzes through the overlocker and  voila!! A new top that I will actually wear!!! 

Very quick and immensely satisfying! The best kind of sewing project! 

A happy end to a truly bizarre day… 





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