No clothes shopping experiment

Ok, I feel I may regret this but I’m going to give it a whirl anyway! It’s an idea I’ve been mulling over for a while for a couple of reasons.

1 – I have too many RTW clothes that don’t quite fit right

2 – I have lost my sewing mojo somewhat and have a problem with never quite finishing projects properly

3 – I have waaaaay too much fabric languishing in my sewing room

Hopefully this experiment will provide the incentive to crack on with some sewing, using up fabric and will allow me to have more me made clothes so I can ditch the ready to wear stuff.

Plus it will be me made May before we know it and I may actually be able to participate this year!!

So, officially, my aim is to not buy ANY ready to wear stuff for as long as possible in 2020. Wish me luck!!

Out of curiosity, do any of you never buy ready to wear anymore? Is it possible?!?