Adventures in ‘me made’

Oh dear oh dear… it’s going to be a long ‘no buy’ experiment I think!

Although I’ve made loads of clothes for my girls I have never really got the hang of making things for myself unless it’s in a class. I made a lovely dress with Claire-Louise Hardy aka The Thrifty Stitcher last autumn but trying to do it myself doesn’t go so well!

Here is my attempt at the Drape Top (free pattern with Simply Sewing) I’ve used a jersey knit Dashwood fabric that I’ve been wanting to try out. I actually started this before Christmas but never got a chance to finish it. The fabric is in the shop and I like knowing how my fabrics sew up. This top has a cowl neck at the front which is currently too baggy and will leave me very likely to flash my bra…

As you can see there are some definite fit issues! A lot of the things I try come up too big, I don’t know if I’m measuring wrong or use a too small seam allowance but something has gone awry!

It doesn’t look too bad from a distance but I’m going to have a go at taking some width off each side and see what happens!

Have any of you tried making the Drape Top? Would love to see how it sews up in different fabrics, or if you’ve done a pattern hack, am already thinking about adding some sleeves for this cooler weather.

Am not going to get a chance this week as it’s half term and me and the kids are off on a ‘visiting family’ tour so this one will have to wait a while longer….



  1. Gill Howdle

    Hi Mel have a look at Pattern Emporium patterns, they have a beautiful website and a detailed explanation of how to measure yourself, basically naked with a very firm tape. I come up a whole size smaller when I do that and I have often had trouble with things coming up too big, but that top looks potentially lovely if it’s taken in and I take my hat off to you attempting this with small children. I stopped sewing for about 25 years when mine were around! Gillx

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    • sewmakeme

      Thanks Gill, I’ve been and looked at their patterns, they’re lovely! Always a fan of anything that makes me magically drop a dress size without doing anything… 😄


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