No Shopping Experiment made easy….

Wow – nothing like an international pandemic to help with this! I’ve basically not left the house (like most people) since the end of March. This has definitely helped with my no shopping experiment as online shopping seems somewhat pointless when I’m living in pyjamas… Not quite but I was at the beginning for sure. I think the mental health implications of this lockdown are huge. I really struggled in the first few weeks to get a routine and get any sort of organised. My kids have found it really hard to be away from their friends, particularly my son who can’t stand Zoom calls!

Anyway, it’s also had a big impact on my ability to get some sewing time – and my sewjo too! Like many people I’m not used to having my kids here 24/7 for so many weeks and finding any time to be able to sew has been a challenge. I decided I wanted to conquer trousers though, so I experimented with Moji (Collete/Seamwork’s) and Safiya (TATB). I didn’t have much luck with either of these, Moji needed a higher rise for me which I wasn’t able to execute effectively. Safiya was better – and has a great sew along on Tilly’s Insta page but still not great.

So I decided to hit the many sewing books I have and tried the Jumpsuit trouser hack from The Sewing Bee book Fashion With Fabric. Finally a pattern that worked for me! I did adjust the pattern slightly partly from the great advice given in Tilly’s tutorial on Safiya. I learnt about doing a FBA – no, not Full Bust – Fat Bum Adjustment!! Made all the difference!!

I’ve also made these in a jersey which is even more comfy – definitely secret pyjamas!

I’ve also done some other sewing and online classes but I’ll do another post on those! Kids are busy building dens so I’m sneaking of to the sewing machine…..


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