About Me

About Me

This is a little corner all about Sewing, Making and Me!
My name is Mel, I have 3 kids aged 6,4 and 1 and am a craft addict!!  My main vices are sewing (obviously) knitting and crochet.  I also dabble in gardening, baking and photography.  I am a full time Mum which gives me the time to be able to introduce my little ones to crafting too!
Sew Make Me was originally set up with my sister when we were both newly stay at home mums and was partly to try and retain our brains and to keep us sane!   I’ve always loved sewing and making pretty things and am a total craft hoarder. The Etsy shop was a natural progression to be able to sell all the products I love to use myself.
The long term aim is to develop the shop side of things more and eventually start selling more ready made items, but for now I adore selling the fabrics and haberdashery.
I’d welcome any comments about the fabrics I sell and would truly love to see what you’ve made with them!!  I hope you will enjoy following my blog.
When I review products and places the opinions are completely my own.  I am not sponsored by anyone or given freebies by anyone (more’s the pity! Lol)  If I am lucky enough for that to change I will let you know!
Happy Sewing!!

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