Upcycling Projects Reveal! 

So here is the big reveal for this cute little cabinet I found languishing on a street corner..

Remember how it used to look:

I did consider doing a hot pink or floral/decoupage/something funky but in reality it’s going in my kitchen and will hold the kids art supplies so for now I just wanted functional and for it to be finished fast!

The cupboard is definitely smaller than standard modern units and my kids have a lot of art supplies, sooooo


I turned it into a kind of ad hoc Welsh dresser! The shelving top part was also a ‘free find’ on another street corner.


And here it is fulfilling its purpose.  I was going to try and do a nice ‘styled’ shot, but lets just keep it real!!  This won’t look even this neat for very long!!


Really not bad at all for two freebies and left over paint from my kitchen units!  Now I just need to either find a matching original handle for that other drawer (unlikely) or find some cute little ones from Anthropologie or somewhere (much more tempting!)

Love it when something comes out how you imagined it in your head!

Have a great weekend



Upcycling projects

This is one of my absolute favourite things to do! I have done quite a few bits of furniture now and I’m truly addicted!!! I know its become a bit cliché in recent years and you can’t swing a cat on ebay without hitting Annie Sloan covered wooden furniture but when you do it yourself it is massively satisfying! My total favourite is when it is something you’ve found on a street corner somewhere and snaffled it up for FREE!!!

Luckily for me I have a very long suffering husband who is now quite used to being sent off somewhere with the car because I’ve spotted something dumped out on the street.

This is my newest find, beautiful little cupboard missing one of its handles. I think its probably 1950’s or 60’s (although I am no expert) The top is tin or aluminium or something like that! If anyone knows more about this type of cupboard please tell me!! 

This one is currently being stripped while I plan what colour to repaint it, I can’t decide right now between just keeping it white or going for a pop of colour. I think I’m going to keep this one so it needs to fit my home colour scheme. It would be great as craft supplies storage (isn’t everything??)
Anyway, watch this space, I’ll do an update as soon as possible! 



Centre Parcs

Squeezing in the very last 4 days of the holidays we thought we would introduce my husband to the joys of Centre Parcs.

I have been twice before with my best friend and all our combined  (6)  kids and they were desperate to show Daddy all the fun things. Especially the swimming pool! Our nearest is at Woburn, also the newest location to the CP Family in the UK and the pool IS pretty impressive! My kids are not even very strong swimmers and they love it there! They have a designated area for each age group with a lovely little baby pool all the way up to a mammoth water slide and outdoor rapids.

For me the best part is without a doubt the fact that its heated to tropical temperatures, the lovely staff who will inflate your pool floats for you and the poolside Starbucks. Yes, you read that correctly, you can sip a latte while your kids wear themselves out splashing about. Seriously, what’s not to love? Oh, and also the pool is included in the (eye watering during school holidays) price.

I am very impressed with it generally though, the cabins are really nicely done and the whole place feels very clean and well maintained. The staff are helpful and good with the kids and there is an impressive range of extra activities available. Most of these are however at a fairly steep price if you compare them to similar activities locally. You can easily get away with not spending loads though as there are soft play areas or playgrounds at most (or maybe all) of the restaurants and if you take your own bikes or scooters the kids are happy exploring the forests and paths for hours. There is also a little ‘beach’ area at the edge of the boating lake. This time with baby ducklings! So adorable!



For the first time I got to try out the Spa facilities too! I incorrectly had very low expectations of the spa because I didn’t see CP as a spa destination type place but Oh My God how wrong was I!!  It is amazing!!  It honestly felt like walking into a 5* Hotel spa (actually better than some of the hotel spa’s I’ve been to!)  The prices are reasonable compared to London and you get the usual fluffy towels and robes included.  My therapist was absolutely lovely and gave me good advice about my back after my treatment.  They do the usual recommending of products but it didn’t feel pushy at all.  I had the Decleor Aromatherapy Massage and didn’t want to leave!!  My husband had the paraffin wax hand treatment (if you’ve never tried it you really should, its wonderful!)  He also had the scalp massage and was very impressed with both.  The pool inside the spa is lovely and split in to different ‘zones’ including an outdoor pool area looking over the forest and lake.  They also had lovely relaxation rooms for after your treatment.  Bliss!  Will definitely be going again!
We squeezed in a lot of activities including pony riding, archery, tennis, boat ride and bowling, plus the biking and exploring of the forest! Phew, busy few days!

Even when the weather was a little on the damp side it doesn’t really matter!  The kids still love it!





I think it really is one of those places that we will just keep going back to!  I wish we had discovered it before our eldest started school, but there you go.  We will probably continue to let them miss the odd day of school and do the long weekend option.


If you haven’t been and your kids are not in school yet then I really recommend it!  Go during term time when its cheaper and look out for their special seasonal things, for example Winter Wonderland coming up at the end of November.  There is a pretty strong chance I’ll be popping back then, so watch put for a review of that too!!


PS – I am not affiliated or sponsored by Centre Parcs, this is a genuine review!


Featherdown Farms

I have been wanting to try out Featherdown for sooo long, mostly because of their amazing video on the website showing beautiful cabin tents. I have a slightly unrealistic dream of living more self sufficiently, or even maybe off grid one day. Unrealistic because I currently live in the middle of London in a pretty non selfsufficient manner.. Anyway, I digress
We finally booked a last minute break at a Featherdown in Wales right on the edge of the Brecon Beacons. The farm is called Cwmberach Uchaf Farm (I still don’t know how to pronounce it) It has been in the current owners family for 3 generations and is just lovely!  It is now run by Sarah and Mark who live there with their two children.

As they have young children themselves and have a great understanding of catering for families.  They do a fabulous Pizza Night twice a week which was delicious! The kids had a great time decorating their pizzas while I had a glass of red wine from the farm honesty shop.


This (above) is intended to be your cooking ‘stove’ as well as your heat source. Luckily for me Mark took one look at me arriving at tea time on the Monday by myself with three kids under 6 and promptly went and fetched their own camping stove for me to borrow for the week. This man is a lifesaver. It would have been Jaffa cakes for tea and no morning coffee for me. Seriously people, take a camp stove. This thing took about 2 hours to heat enough water for an almost hot enough coffee. There would have been tears before breakfast (mine) I literally don’t function without a coffee. Sad but true.

The kids loved their cupboard bed, smart choice as it was toasty in there with the two of them snuggled in under their lovely white fluffy duvets.

Marks yummy pizza, served by my other half, and decorated by the kids.

This. This was the point of the expertise. She was waving at the mountains while her older siblings made friends with the other kids staying and played on a tree rope swing.

I mean seriously how beautiful is that sunset? We spent a lot of time in Wales when I was a kid and it was lovely to be able to back there with my own little ones.

Would thoroughly recommend Featherdown as a concept and this farm for the wonderful hosts. Am already planning a return visit..

Getting going again

So this blog has been pretty much redundant for quite a while now and a lot has changed here at SewMakeMe. I am now running the business by myself due to different circumstances and the birth of a few children!

I have taken a while to find my feet again and decide how best to proceed. It is hard sometimes to find the time to even formulate a clear thought, let alone get anything down in writing!

So the business for the time being is predominantly a fabric and haberdashery seller, apart from a few lines that remain popular. Mainly the Christmas stockings (is it too early for the C word?? 

I am also changing the focus of the blog a bit as I was never comfortable having it solely focussed on one aspect of my life only (mostly because it is too restrictive) Also I am a total butterfly mentally and am interested in so many different crafts and ‘things’. I know a lot of you will be in the same boat so I am going to incorporate many different things… watch this space!!!

Top Christmas gift under £10 on WowThankYou

Hi Everyone,

Sew Make Me have recently started supplying Wow Thank You, an online ‘department’ store where everything is handmade on a small scale by local UK designers.  It is a great place to shop and find that unusual gift, something different to all the commercial high-street gifts.

I thought I would put together a collection of Christmas Gifts as, scarily, there are only 90 shopping days until Christmas is upon us once more!

Stocking fillers/Secret Santa Gifts – under £10

1 Lego Crayons (£5.50 on http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/colour-me-fun/products/lego-men-brick-crayons—set-of-8/) would be a fantastic stocking filler for a child, totally charming and unusual!

Lego Crayons – WowThankYou

2  Coin Purse (£9.00 http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/beledien-handmade/products/cute-as-a-button-coin-purse-shabby-chic-applique-zipper-pouch-in-pink-and-cream-linen/)

Cute as Button Coin Purse £9.00

3  Cosmetic Toilet Bag ( £8.50 http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/the-crafty-little-cottage/products/small-red-gingham-scottie-cosmetic-toilet-bag/)

Small Red Gingham Scottie Cosmetic Toilet Bag £8.50

4 Whipped Organic Shea Butter Souffle (£9.00 http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/cebra-ethical-chic/products/whipped-organic-shea-butter-souffl/)

5  Wooden Handpainted Outdoor Plaque £8.00  http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/handcrafted-by-picto/products/wooden-handpainted-outdoor-plaque/

6)  Rocket and Space Notebook £9.00 http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/dab-and-a-dash/products/rocket-and-space-notebook-handmade/

7) Chocolate Dipped Cake Balls £9.99 http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/the-cake-nest/products/chocolate-dipped-cake-balls/

Wow! who could resist these!

8) Juicy Jungle Cotton and Waffle Bib £6.50 http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/pinkyminkys-shop/products/juicy-jungle-cotton-and-waffle-bib/

9) Beach Hut Tote Bag £8.50 http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/laura-lee-designs/products/beach-huts-tote-bag/

10) Personalised Baby Boy’s first christmas snowman tree bauble £9.95 http://www.wowthankyou.co.uk/truly-for-you/products/personalised-baby-boys-first-christmas-snowman-tree-bauble/

I hope you like my little collection of stocking fillers/ secret santa Christmas gifts.  Wow thank you is a great store and is really worth a visit.

Craft Fest 1-8 September 2012

Hi All,

Just an update to let you know that we will be taking part in this years Craft Fest 2012. Craft Fest is an online craft fair and will be showcasing some amazing handmade items. It will be live from the 1st September but if you can’t wait to see what is on offer I have selected a few products to wet your appetite.

Scent cosmetics have a wonderful selection of handcrafted fruit soaps….. they really look amazing and good enough to eat! (must remember to wash hands not eat them!)

Scent Cosmetics Red Apple Soaps

Also this delightful cushion from Free Spirit Designs;

Or for all you jewellery lovers out there, why not check out Jellybean jewellery for a fun but attractive bracelet.

All of these products and many more will be available from 1st-8th September from #CRAFTfest We will also have a stall here and will be selling all of our ready made items as well as our Sewing Kits. Come and have a look and start your Christmas shopping early… there is nothing like being prepared, particularly if you are like me and leave it to the last minute every year, no is your time to change!

How to make a childs skirt

Hi everyone,

I thought I would do my first blog tutorial on how to make a childs skirt (age 2-6).  I have a very active 2 year old who goes through clothes like there’s no tomorrow so being able to make the odd item of clothing from scraps of fabric I have is in invlauable to me.

This skirt is very easy to make and took me about 30 minutes to do.

You will need:

60cm of 1″ wide elastic

1/2 metre of fabric of your choice.  I used a ditsy print cotton.

Sewing machine



Measure the waist and length you want the skirt to be. ( I have a 2 year old and wanted the skirt to fall on the knee, so I measured 14″, 10″ for length and 4″ for seam allowance and waistband. The waist was 21″)  I will continue with these measurements but adjust to fit your child.

I chose a very cute floral ditsy print cotton and cut a 14″ by 42″ ( approx double waist measurement) rectangle, press and then fold fabric in half, right sides together, sew down the short edges to create a circle with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Press a 1/2″ hem around one bottom edge and then fold over another 1/2″ to create a double hem.  Stitch this in place.


On the opposite edge, press over 11/2″ seam onto the wrong side of the fabric, lay your elastic on this seam and then fold over another 1 1/2″ and press.  Stitch into place below the edge of the elastic, ensuring you do not stitch on the elastic, keep a 2″ gap on the seam so you can pull the elastic to the correct length.Image

Pull the elastic at both ends so that the fabric is gathered and the skirt is just under half the waist measurement. (waist for my daugher was 21″ so skirt with elastic pulled measures approx 9.5″ across.) double stitch together the two elastic ends so that they are secured and trim off any excess.

Close the gap on the hem and stitch to secure in place.


Cut two, 4×5″ rectangles, hem them on 3 edges by 1/2″ on the remaining long edge hem 1/2″ then repeat to make a double hem. Stitch along all 4 sides.  Repeat for the second pocket.

Once you have both pockets completed, place them on the skirt on either sides.  Line them up and pin into place.  I placed mine approx 1.5″ below the waistband and 6″ between the two pockets.

Once you are happy with the position, sew along the bottom and side edges to secure the pocket to the skirt.

You are finished!  Enjoy!

Sew Make Me Cushions

I thought I would share with you some of our beautiful cushions that we are about to launch…  All of cushions are available as ready made items or as a sewing kit to make at home. We have used the lovely Tilda fabric range mixed in with a few plain colours to make them pop! 

Union Jack Cushion:


Floral pink pinwheel cushion:


Window pain cushion


All of the cushions have a sandwich opening with two ties making it easy to take off and wash.  Each of our ready made cushions comes with the option of buying a luxury feather filled cushion pad.

The sewing kits for these cushions are for the beginner to intermediate sewer and take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.  With the addded bonus of a video link to guide you step by step through the design process, there is no excuse not to complete your item!

I hope you like them, we would love any feedback.


Sew Make Me welcomes you to our blog!

Hello all you fellow crafty people! This is our first blog for our very new and interesting venture into the world of business. We are Jehanne Walker and Melanie Solomou, two sisters who have recently launched a new business selling sewing kits and gorgeous home accessories. We are Sew Make Me.

This blog will be following all the goings on at Sew Make Me, giving you all the latest information about our products, new launches and promotions as well as a few tutorials on all things crafty.

We hope you enjoy it and will follow us in our new and exciting adventure!