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Ooooo Hello Block Craft!!

I first saw these gorgeous blocks and the prints they create at a Country Living Fair ages ago (like about 4 years ago) and had been meaning to try them ever since!  I finally got a set at the Knitting and Stitching show and I am in LOVE!  They are so easy to do and the colours are so vibrant its pretty impossible to go wrong!

I mean seriously – how stunning is this for a stall?  They are sold via The Arty Crafty Place who are a UK company based in Oxfordshire.


I started off with one of their starter kits which worked out at a very reasonable £30 for everything you need to get started, and then of course added in a few extra little blocks to play around with.  I had some tea towel blanks at home already from a little dabble in applique a while ago!

This is one end of a tea towel and the very first line of prints I tried.  It couldn’t be easier – this literally took me about 5 minutes.

They sell a lot of ‘blanks’ for you to practice on but the possibilities are endless – I am already eyeing up all my daughters plain t shirts!  I also think that you could make very pretty things from plain cotton fabric, calico or linen.

We have some wonderful friends that live in India, they are due to visit later in the summer and I can’t wait to show them and see what they think!

If you would like to have a go they website is here.   They sell everything you need online, including the starter kits and the blanks.

This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with The Arty Crafty Place – I just genuinely love the blocks!!  If you give it a go or have any brilliant pieces you’ve printed I would love to see them!!


Upcycling Projects Reveal! 

So here is the big reveal for this cute little cabinet I found languishing on a street corner..

Remember how it used to look:

I did consider doing a hot pink or floral/decoupage/something funky but in reality it’s going in my kitchen and will hold the kids art supplies so for now I just wanted functional and for it to be finished fast!

The cupboard is definitely smaller than standard modern units and my kids have a lot of art supplies, sooooo


I turned it into a kind of ad hoc Welsh dresser! The shelving top part was also a ‘free find’ on another street corner.


And here it is fulfilling its purpose.  I was going to try and do a nice ‘styled’ shot, but lets just keep it real!!  This won’t look even this neat for very long!!


Really not bad at all for two freebies and left over paint from my kitchen units!  Now I just need to either find a matching original handle for that other drawer (unlikely) or find some cute little ones from Anthropologie or somewhere (much more tempting!)

Love it when something comes out how you imagined it in your head!

Have a great weekend



Getting going again

So this blog has been pretty much redundant for quite a while now and a lot has changed here at SewMakeMe. I am now running the business by myself due to different circumstances and the birth of a few children!

I have taken a while to find my feet again and decide how best to proceed. It is hard sometimes to find the time to even formulate a clear thought, let alone get anything down in writing!

So the business for the time being is predominantly a fabric and haberdashery seller, apart from a few lines that remain popular. Mainly the Christmas stockings (is it too early for the C word?? 

I am also changing the focus of the blog a bit as I was never comfortable having it solely focussed on one aspect of my life only (mostly because it is too restrictive) Also I am a total butterfly mentally and am interested in so many different crafts and ‘things’. I know a lot of you will be in the same boat so I am going to incorporate many different things… watch this space!!!

Sew Make Me welcomes you to our blog!

Hello all you fellow crafty people! This is our first blog for our very new and interesting venture into the world of business. We are Jehanne Walker and Melanie Solomou, two sisters who have recently launched a new business selling sewing kits and gorgeous home accessories. We are Sew Make Me.

This blog will be following all the goings on at Sew Make Me, giving you all the latest information about our products, new launches and promotions as well as a few tutorials on all things crafty.

We hope you enjoy it and will follow us in our new and exciting adventure!