Featherdown Farms

I have been wanting to try out Featherdown for sooo long, mostly because of their amazing video on the website showing beautiful cabin tents. I have a slightly unrealistic dream of living more self sufficiently, or even maybe off grid one day. Unrealistic because I currently live in the middle of London in a pretty non selfsufficient manner.. Anyway, I digress
We finally booked a last minute break at a Featherdown in Wales right on the edge of the Brecon Beacons. The farm is called Cwmberach Uchaf Farm (I still don’t know how to pronounce it) It has been in the current owners family for 3 generations and is just lovely!  It is now run by Sarah and Mark who live there with their two children.

As they have young children themselves and have a great understanding of catering for families.  They do a fabulous Pizza Night twice a week which was delicious! The kids had a great time decorating their pizzas while I had a glass of red wine from the farm honesty shop.


This (above) is intended to be your cooking ‘stove’ as well as your heat source. Luckily for me Mark took one look at me arriving at tea time on the Monday by myself with three kids under 6 and promptly went and fetched their own camping stove for me to borrow for the week. This man is a lifesaver. It would have been Jaffa cakes for tea and no morning coffee for me. Seriously people, take a camp stove. This thing took about 2 hours to heat enough water for an almost hot enough coffee. There would have been tears before breakfast (mine) I literally don’t function without a coffee. Sad but true.

The kids loved their cupboard bed, smart choice as it was toasty in there with the two of them snuggled in under their lovely white fluffy duvets.

Marks yummy pizza, served by my other half, and decorated by the kids.

This. This was the point of the expertise. She was waving at the mountains while her older siblings made friends with the other kids staying and played on a tree rope swing.

I mean seriously how beautiful is that sunset? We spent a lot of time in Wales when I was a kid and it was lovely to be able to back there with my own little ones.

Would thoroughly recommend Featherdown as a concept and this farm for the wonderful hosts. Am already planning a return visit..


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